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Your Treatment

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What to expect when I go for a treatment

For your first session you will need to allow 90 minutes to 2 hours.

To begin, I will talk with you to understand your lifestyle and take a detailed medical history and lifestyle consultation, which remains totally confidential. This will allow us to get to know one another and enable me to personalise your treatment.

Following this you will be asked to remove your socks/tights and shoes and made comfortable and cosy in a reclining chair in a room with calming colours and soothing music, which will help you drift into deep relaxation.

The treatment session lasts approximately 1 hour and starts with some relaxation massage of the feet, followed by working of reflex points specific to your individual needs.

How will I feel afterwards?

Most people feel relaxed, invigorated and experience a sense of calm and well-being;
Other possible reactions are:-

  • Feeling lethargic,nauseous or tearful
  • Feeling thirsty
  • The need to urinate more - also change in colour or odour
  • Feeling Muzzy-headed or having a headache
  • Increased perspiration
  • Change in bodily functions

These are all positive responses and the body's natural way of flushing out toxins and re-balancing itself

Your Treatment. lesley treatment room

My treatment room is decorated in colours designed to help you relax

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